Thanking women for their undemanding and selfless role in our lives …. especially in Pakistan

Chaman Consultancy Services is aware of hardships of women in Pakistan. Even in the age of enlightenment, Women are still fighting for their basic rights.

We believe in their social rights, their equality, their freedom and their independence.

On this women’s day, we pay tribute to women like Hafsa Tariq and Sana Afzal who have emerged as real fighters by outperforming men in deliverance of their services and coming up with ideas that proved beneficial to our organization. With their passion, dedication and handwork, they have debunked a well-established myth about women.

Chaman Consultancy services assure them of its continuous support in providing them a favorable atmosphere where they can grow to their potential.

We wish for a more harmonious environment for the women of Pakistan in the coming days where they could live up to their desires and ambitions. Chaman Consultancy Services is an ambassador for their rights and promises an unprecedented support to this cause.